Thinking Out LOUD – Forever Grateful

At the beginning of 2021 I wrote a piece on my thoughts of the previous year and the year which was to come, and it was late. The same is happening for this year round, but for different reasons. This year I was quite ill. I had a Sickle crisis and it was horrendous. ItContinue reading “Thinking Out LOUD – Forever Grateful”

Thinking out LOUD – Grief

A fortnight ago, I lost my grandad. He was almost 97 years old. It would have been his birthday on Thursday 16th December. Many condolences were received, but some thought it ok for the first thing to be said that he lived to a good age. That may be so but, it doesn’t replace theContinue reading “Thinking out LOUD – Grief”

Thinking Out LOUD – No Hiding Place

I awoke early this morning and felt in a state of anxiety and fearful of the future. I have been feeling like that for the past few days and felt as though I need to shut myself off from the world. I’d had a few conversations by phone and welcomed them, but afterwards there wasContinue reading “Thinking Out LOUD – No Hiding Place”

Thinking Out LOUD – Bank Holiday Monday Minus Lockdown – Death

It has been a very long wait for the Bank Holiday: with sunshine, without lockdown, with a low Covid-19 death toll, and what happens? Several people have lost their lives and many others will never be the same again. Of those that will never be the same again, in addition to the victims; there willContinue reading “Thinking Out LOUD – Bank Holiday Monday Minus Lockdown – Death”

Thinking Out LOUD, Unapologetically! – Sickle Cell Support (Wk15/2021)

Attending a Sickle Cell Support Group, I left (once it had finished) feeling quite angry. Feeling like a non-entity, as though I didn’t really matter. Much of the initial 30 minutes, was taken up with discussing the lack of attention or concern that is shown for people of Sickle Disease and what it is thatContinue reading “Thinking Out LOUD, Unapologetically! – Sickle Cell Support (Wk15/2021)”

Thinking Out LOUD, Unapologetically (Wk13/2021)

Being Black British Over the years, I’ve given much thought to being Black British.  I’ve always said, I feel black; I look black; I eat black and I am black but I’m NOT British.  There’s never been a feeling of belonging, even though I was born and bred in this country.  The other day, IContinue reading “Thinking Out LOUD, Unapologetically (Wk13/2021)”

Thinking Out LOUD – Remaining Rooted (1) (Wk11/2021)

When I first began my blog (way back in 2019!), in one of my first pieces, I mentioned a few quotes, which are applicable for now: Growth is the only evidence of life by John Henry Oswald and Growth itself contains the germ happiness by Lord Alfred Tennyson. The main quote was Great oaks fromContinue reading “Thinking Out LOUD – Remaining Rooted (1) (Wk11/2021)”