Attractive ENOUGH Beautiful ENOUGH Bold ENOUGH Important ENOUGH Successful ENOUGH Intelligent ENOUGH Sexy ENOUGH Handsome ENOUGH Shapely ENOUGH Slim ENOUGH Kind ENOUGH Strong ENOUGH Pretty ENOUGH Smart ENOUGH Fat ENOUGH Talented ENOUGH WE. ARE. ENOUGH! When will we think that we are enough? Society, family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues, can put so much pressure onContinue reading “WE. ARE. ENOUGH!”

2020 Vision – New Year, New You

I received the above diary, from my daughter for Christmas and found it very apt for this new year. The title, just in case the print is too small, is HAPPINESS IS NOT OUT THERE, IT’S IN YOU, 2020. Never a truer word has been said (well, in the moment, that I’d received it, anyway!)Continue reading “2020 Vision – New Year, New You”