Monday Morning Scripture (Wk48/2021) – Isaiah 60:1-11

A Glorified Zion 1 “Arise [from spiritual depression to a new life], shine [be radiant with the glory and brilliance of the Lord]; for your light has come, and the glory and brilliance of the Lord has risen upon you. 2 “For in fact, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness will cover theContinue reading “Monday Morning Scripture (Wk48/2021) – Isaiah 60:1-11”


Attractive ENOUGH Beautiful ENOUGH Bold ENOUGH Important ENOUGH Successful ENOUGH Intelligent ENOUGH Sexy ENOUGH Handsome ENOUGH Shapely ENOUGH Slim ENOUGH Kind ENOUGH Strong ENOUGH Pretty ENOUGH Smart ENOUGH Fat ENOUGH Talented ENOUGH WE. ARE. ENOUGH! When will we think that we are enough? Society, family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues, can put so much pressure onContinue reading “WE. ARE. ENOUGH!”