Devotional Prayer – Sunday 3rd January 2021

I awake giving thanks that I am able to come before You this morning, as Your child, for the first Sunday within 2021. Many went to bed last night and were not able to do the same. I repent of all sins, whether they be of thought, word or deed. I know it is becauseContinue reading “Devotional Prayer – Sunday 3rd January 2021”

Devotional Prayer – Thursday 17th December 2020

You are the Alpha and the Omega (the Beginning and the End), Who is (existing forever) and Who was (continually existing in the past) and Who is to come. El Elohim, Almighty (the Omnipotent, the Ruler of all). You are all these things and more, I can even call You Daddy. You say in YourContinue reading “Devotional Prayer – Thursday 17th December 2020”

Devotional Prayer

Monday 5th October 2020 Abba Father, as I start a new week, I give You all the praise, honour and glory. I lift You up and place this day before You and ask that You have Your way. Forgive me of all sins, be they of thought, word or deed, seen or unseen, intentional orContinue reading “Devotional Prayer”