Lion Bites – Global Prophetic Alliance – Good Courage

Four times I told Joshua to be strong and of good courage because I wanted to encourage him. I want to encourage you too. You are moving into the land of your inheritance and like Joshua and Caleb you are developing character and faith. You are growing in good courage. Like Joshua and Caleb youContinue reading “Lion Bites – Global Prophetic Alliance – Good Courage”

Monday Morning Prayer (Wk39/2021)

Almighty Father, I thank You for a brand new day. I thank You for Your mercies that are new every morning, which is why I’m still here. I lift You up, glorifying, honouring, praising and giving You thanks, just one more time, and ask that You remain with me throughout this day. Please forgive meContinue reading “Monday Morning Prayer (Wk39/2021)”

Wednesday Morning Prayer (Wk33/2021)

Abba Father, I awake this morning with a heart full of joy, as You have placed another day before me. I glorify, honour, praise and give You thanks. My hope is that today will be better than yesterday, as I look to You for a continual improvement, progression and strengthen as You make me over,Continue reading “Wednesday Morning Prayer (Wk33/2021)”