Friday Morning Prayer (Wk16/2021)

Abba Father, I come before You this morning, giving all glory, honour and praise. I thank You for Who You are and Who You will always be, and for being concerned with every aspect of me; physically, mentally and spiritually. I humbly ask You to forgive me of all sins and create in me aContinue reading “Friday Morning Prayer (Wk16/2021)”

Friday Morning Prayer (Wk15/2021)

El Elyon, The Most High God, as I awake this morning, I give You glory, honour, praise and thank You for all You’ve done, all You’re doing and all You intend to do. Today, I thank You that I am able to rest in Your presence. No matter what is going on around me, IContinue reading “Friday Morning Prayer (Wk15/2021)”

Friday Morning Prayer (Wk12/2021)

Abba Father, I enter Your presence giving You only glory, honour and praise. I thank You that I have another day before me and I ask that You are constantly the gatekeeper to my mind, spirit and soul. Forgive me of all sins, so that I can come before You clean and unhindered. Today, asContinue reading “Friday Morning Prayer (Wk12/2021)”

Friday Morning Prayer (Wk11/2021)

Abba Father, I give thanks You are the Good Shepherd and there is no thing that I shall want. I have a life of no lack in front of me. I have a life laid before me that is for the taking. I only need to ask, with belief, and it shall be mine. IContinue reading “Friday Morning Prayer (Wk11/2021)”

Friday Morning Prayer (Wk10/2021)

Almighty God, I come before You, once again, requesting that You prepare me for the day ahead. I pray that You forgive me of all sins, whether they be of thought, word or deed and I thank You for bringing me to the end of the 10th week in 2021. There are 42 left toContinue reading “Friday Morning Prayer (Wk10/2021)”

Friday Morning Prayer (Wk9/2021)

COME, JUST AS YOU ARE The Judgment 31 “But when the Son of Man comes in His glory and majesty and all the angels with Him, then He will sit on the throne of His glory. 32 All the nations will be gathered before Him [for judgment]; and He will separate them from one another,Continue reading “Friday Morning Prayer (Wk9/2021)”

Friday Morning Prayer (Wk5/2021)

Almighty God, I thank You for this brand new morning You have placed before me and give you honour, glory and praise. Today, I ask for an increase of trust in You. May I not fear but have full trust in what You plan to do. I thank You for who You are and forContinue reading “Friday Morning Prayer (Wk5/2021)”

Friday Morning Prayer (Wk4/2021)

Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God who created Heaven and Earth. The God who hovered over the face of the waters, before anything was brought into being, with His breath. My God! Today I honour You because of the blessings flowing my way. I will be blessed in the morning and blessedContinue reading “Friday Morning Prayer (Wk4/2021)”