Lion Bites – Global Prophetic Alliance – Whose Victory Is It?

Are you tired, are you weary, are you about done? Are you through with the constant battle just to keep your head above the water? Are you ready to give up? Well, I have good news for you: this battle can not be won on your own. You see, I know your frailties, and IContinue reading “Lion Bites – Global Prophetic Alliance – Whose Victory Is It?”

Tuesday Morning Prayer (Wk19/2021)

Abba Father, I give You all glory, honour and praise for another day. I thank You for Your forgiveness of sins and the fact that Your mercies are new every morning. Today, I honour You. I acknowledge You for Who You are and place You before me, where You belong. Remembering Your promises to me,Continue reading “Tuesday Morning Prayer (Wk19/2021)”