Thinking Out LOUD, Unapologetically – George Floyd (Wk16/2021)

Well, I fell asleep whilst waiting for the verdict and awoke up to one of Guilty. Guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. President Biden’s comment on the verdict was:-

“We’re gonna get a lot more done. This is going to be a first shot at dealing with genuine systemic racism”

US President Biden, (reported by BBC)

“Systemic racism is a stain on the whole nation’s soul”

US President Biden, (reported by BBC)

Look at what had to happen before a decision was made; before it was thought there was a need to deal with genuine systemic racism! I have to wonder why the word ‘genuine’ was placed in there…maybe it was accidental or maybe the thought is that systemic racism itself can be accidental but, in my view, it shouldn’t be there at all. All we have to do, or that can be done, is wait and see what happens from here on in. I don’t have much hope, as since the murder of George Floyd and all the riots we still see where opportunities have been taken to murder black people, on the streets of the US. Before the verdict was reached, apparently a 15 year old girl was murdered by a police officer, who shot her 3 or 4 times because she tried to stab him (or someone else). I saw this on an Instagram reel linked to on my cousin’s WhatsApp status. Previously on Reuters I had seen that she was fighting 2 girls and held a kitchen knife over 1 when he made the decision to shoot her in the chest multiple times. All will be seen when the bodycam footage is released. I just have to wonder why, when it’s a black person in these situations, the decision is made to shoot to kill. Not 1 shot; not 2; and may be not even 3 but possibly 4 times. Any other race, they will fight, almost until death, to avoid having to ‘harm’ the person involved. I know that everything must be done on a case by case basis; not all police officers are bad/racist, just as not all black people are violent or thieves!

Not all police officers are bad/racist, just as not all black people are stupid, violent or thieves!

Examples of No Injury to the Guilty

Six days ago, a 61 year old man assaulted an employee at a Mernards store in Mcleod County City, because he didn’t want to wear a mask. He was confronted by a police officer outside a nearby Walmart and a “slow speed pursuit” occurred. Once the officer attempted to engage in conversation, via the driver side window, the suspect took off “at a high rate of speed”. The suspect then proceeded to hit the officer in the head with a hammer.

The suspect was apprehended and officer hospitalised. The suspect was arrested and able to see another day.

In June 2015, a 21 year old man, walks into a church and shoots dead 9 black people, after sitting with them for an hour!

Suspect was apprehended and even bought a meal on the way to the station!

Would the results of these 2 occasions have been different, if the perpetrators were black? Let us think about that…….

For the last event, President Biden was Vice President and his comment then was:-

“As a nation we must confront the ravages of gun violence and the stain of hatred that continues to be visited on our streets, in our schools, in our houses of worship, and in our communities”.

Former Vice President Biden (Words from BBC website)

Was it not within his power to do anything? Will he do something now that he is Top Dog/President? Apparently the figure for hate crime was 7,242 in 2013 and that is for those reported. Looking at the up-to-date figures, it’s shown that there has been a steady increase of black people being killed by police officers and we have only seen it reported about a few, over the period of a year. I must admit I haven’t searched it as deeply as I could have or would have liked to. Considering that black people are a minority, I don’t think the figure should be so high. Some may say that black people shouldn’t put themselves in a predicament that would allow themselves to be killed but, that can be answered with the fact that the existence of systemic racism puts them in that situation. They are at a disadvantage from the start.

Take note…the below murders are some of those that took place, by police officers, in the past year! Obviously, there were many more over the years, and there were also instances where an arrest didn’t end in death, however(!), these are the most recent. Even as demonstrations were underway and uproar took place on a global scale, because of George Floyd, there were reports and footage of people being murdered, gunned down, just because…….I think black people have reached their breaking point.

Breonna Taylor, June 5, 1993 – March 13, 2020

Louisville, Kentucky

Shot: March 13, 2020, Louisville Metro Police Officers

Marvin David Scott III, 1995 – March 14, 2021

McKinney, Texas

Peppered sprayed/Restrained with spit hood/Asphyxiated: 7 Collin County Jail Detention Officers, March 14, 2021

Patrick Lynn Warren Sr., October 7, 1968 – January 10, 2021

Killeen, Texas

Shot: Killeen Police Officer, January 10, 2021

Vincent “Vinny” M. Belmonte, September 14, 2001 – January 5, 2021

Cleveland, Ohio

Shot: Cleveland Police Officer, January 5, 20201

Angelo Quinto, March 10, 1990 – December 26, 2020

Antioch, California

Knee on neck/Asphyxiated: December 23, 2020

Andre Maurice Hill, May 23, 1973 – December 22, 2020

Columbus, Ohio

Shot: December 22, 2020, Columbus Police Officer

Casey Christopher Goodson Jr., January 30, 1997 – December 4, 2020

Columbus, Ohio

Shot: December 4, 2020, Franklin County Sheriff Deputy

Angelo “AJ” Crooms, May 15, 2004 – November 13, 2020

Cocoa, Florida

Shot: November 13, 2020, Brevard County Sheriff Deputies

Daunte Demetrius Wright, October 27, 2000 – April 11, 2021

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

Shot: Brooklyn Center Police Officer, April 11, 2021

Copied from RENÉE ATER – see website for extensive list


Justice may have been served but we are a long way from where it should be and the only reason is, hate of people that are of coloured skin, who have been treated disproportionately (putting it mildly) for over 400 years! How long will it be before we see some REAL change! (Note, statement not a question!)

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