Tuesday Morning ‘I am’ Statements (Wk18/2021)

Because He IS, you are, so say the above and below statements with confidence… I AM WHO THE MOST HIGH GOD SAYS I AM; I am the apple of His eye; 10 “He found him in a desert land, in the howling wasteland of a wilderness; He kept circling him, He took care of him,Continue reading “Tuesday Morning ‘I am’ Statements (Wk18/2021)”

Being Relentlessly Unapologetic (Wk17/2021)

For a while I have been in a quandary about life and myself and have been trying to strike a balance between being a woman; being female; being single; being Marcia; and being an Ambassador of Christ. I have had undertones of feeling unworthy of speaking about certain things (in my prayers), and it cameContinue reading “Being Relentlessly Unapologetic (Wk17/2021)”

Thinking Out LOUD, Unapologetically! – Self Talk (Wk16/2021)

I fell asleep quite early last night, then woke up once again, just before midnight, by myself. It’s not nice to feel so alone. I think I have issues. It’s all very well for it to be said to set yourself apart (in the Bible) but I don’t think it’s realised just how lonely itContinue reading “Thinking Out LOUD, Unapologetically! – Self Talk (Wk16/2021)”

Sunday Morning Prayer (Wk12/2021)

Abba Father, I come before You with thanksgiving.  I thank You for this day and life itself.  I thank You that when and where I am weak You are strong and I can depend on You.  Help me to have You as my first port of call rather than the last.  On this special dayContinue reading “Sunday Morning Prayer (Wk12/2021)”

Sunday Morning Prayer (Wk9/2021)

Abba Father, I come before You giving all glory, honour and praise. As always I offer myself to You and ask to be forgiven of all sins of word, thought or deed; seen or unseen. I thank You for what You have done, are doing and intend to do. Strengthen me for whatever this dayContinue reading “Sunday Morning Prayer (Wk9/2021)”