Devotional Prayer – Thursday 18th June 2020

Abba Father, as I wake this morning I just want to give You all the honour, glory and praise. It’s a brand new morning and I just want to thank You that Your mercies are new each and every morning! No matter what has happened You have said that I can come freely to YourContinue reading “Devotional Prayer – Thursday 18th June 2020”

Devotional Prayer – Tuesday 16th June 2020

The Lord’s Prayer {Matthew 6:9-14} Our Father in heaven, Our Father, The Most High God, that dwells in heaven Hallowed be Your Name, Recognise His Name as Holy, set apart, exalted and worthy of all the glory, praise, honour and so much more than what we can give, Your Kingdom come, The Lord’s Kingdom isContinue reading “Devotional Prayer – Tuesday 16th June 2020”

Devotional Prayer – Monday 15th June 2020

Abba Father, I thank You for waking me up this morning, so that I can face another day on this beautiful earth. I come to You with my arms wide open, ready to receive. I thank You for who You are and I give You all the worship; all the honour; all the glory andContinue reading “Devotional Prayer – Monday 15th June 2020”

Devotional Prayer – Sunday 14th June 2020

Abba Father, I approach Your throne of grace with thanksgiving in my heart, as I prepare to take on what the world has in store for me today. I thank You that You have chosen me and taken me out of the arms of the enemy and that everything about me is all about You.Continue reading “Devotional Prayer – Sunday 14th June 2020”


Being someone that has experienced depression and on occasion suicidal thoughts, for the majority of my life, it rears its ugly head every now and then. If you suffer from depression, everytime someone seems to have ‘escaped’ this life and gone on, it’s possible to feel a little jealous. I say escaped but we don’tContinue reading “INNOCUOUS TALK ON SUICIDE”

2020 Vision – New Year, New You

I received the above diary, from my daughter for Christmas and found it very apt for this new year. The title, just in case the print is too small, is HAPPINESS IS NOT OUT THERE, IT’S IN YOU, 2020. Never a truer word has been said (well, in the moment, that I’d received it, anyway!)Continue reading “2020 Vision – New Year, New You”