Being someone that has experienced depression and on occasion suicidal thoughts, for the majority of my life, it rears its ugly head every now and then. If you suffer from depression, everytime someone seems to have ‘escaped’ this life and gone on, it’s possible to feel a little jealous. I say escaped but we don’tContinue reading “INNOCUOUS TALK ON SUICIDE”

2020 Vision – New Year, New You

I received the above diary, from my daughter for Christmas and found it very apt for this new year. The title, just in case the print is too small, is HAPPINESS IS NOT OUT THERE, IT’S IN YOU, 2020. Never a truer word has been said (well, in the moment, that I’d received it, anyway!)Continue reading “2020 Vision – New Year, New You”

He Has Made EVERYTHING Beautiful In Its Time….. Ecclesiastes 3:11

From my previous posts, you may have gathered that I have a belief. I believe in The Most High God, I’m a Christian and have been baptised. When setting up this blog, I thought that I wouldn’t let my Christianity be my main focus or that, maybe, I wouldn’t even mention it. HOWEVER, it’s veryContinue reading “He Has Made EVERYTHING Beautiful In Its Time….. Ecclesiastes 3:11”